Download Tax Software For The 2019 - 2020 Tax Season

Download Tax Software

2019 - 2020 Downloadable computer based desktop tax software versions can hold some specific advantages over online internet based tax preparation for some tax filers.

While online tax preparation tends to be the preferred format for the majority of taxpayers, download tax software versions do offer some specific benefits that may be just what you need for your tax preparation process this year.

After you download tax software, you go through a installation process to install it on your computer. Once this is completed and activated you will need to check for updates, Yes our tax laws change at an ever confusing pace so updating your software is a necessity to insure tax calculations are accurate.

Why Use Download Tax Software Versions?

There are many advantages to using downloadable or CD installation desktop tax software applications like H&R Block (review) and TurboTax (review).

Fact is, there are benefits to each of the tax filing formats so knowing the differences and advantaged each version offers will help you decide between online tax preparation versions and download or CD installation desktop tax software versions.

I love the convenience of online tax preparation as much as anyone, but there are some very distinct advantages that come with computer based tax software that is installed on your desktop for private and secure control of your data.

In today's day and age you never know who is looking over your shoulder. Or in today's terms, hacking into your internet connection.

As you know, everyday we hear about consumer data being lost through security breaches in big box store systems like Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot. These are just some small examples, "yes small" since the amount of data stolen everyday is becoming astronomical!

Now don't let me scare you into a closet here, this really should not deter you from using online tax preparation since these secure connections are trustworthy and generally nobody is targeting just one person like you...

What Are The Real Advantages To Using CD And Download Tax Software Versions?

  • You can prepare your tax return without the need for an internet connection. This is great for anyone that wants to work offline or travels to destinations where internet access is limited or not available at all.
  • Get peace of mind if you feel your internet connection is not secure enough to enter personal data. This generally is not an issue but if you have a tech savvy neighbor that you don't trust, this can help alleviate your anxiety.
  • If you use your computer to prepare multiple income tax returns for friends and relatives, the desktop editions can help you save some money. Desktop editions generally include several efiles with the purchase, so you can help others prepare and efile their federal tax returns with one software purchase.
  • Your tax return and all your data is stored on your computer. This keeps it safe and secure as well as accessible anytime you need it.

The Benefits of Using Desktop Tax Software Boils Down to Three Main Advantages

  • The number of e-files you get for your money
  • How the software stores your return on your computer
  • The ability to prepare and file multiple returns

By storing your tax return on your computer, your paperwork is always accessible at anytime you need it, no Internet connection is required to retrieve it.

Saving your tax return locally also makes it easier for you to import your previous year's tax entries and personal information into a new edition the next year, or to competing tax preparation applications that allow importing from other brands.

This helps you cut back on retyping the same information year after year, and increases accuracy by reducing typo's.

Download Price Verses Online Tax Filing Prices

At first glance, the downloads and CD's versions appear to cost more than the online versions, but the list price for online versions typically only include the federal return. When you add in the price of a state return as well and the value of being able to file multiple tax returns with e-file, you will find that the boxed CD software and downloads are a better deal for preparing multiple returns.

The fact is that households with multiple tax filers will get a greater value from desktop software and the extra free federal e-files that are included in desktop software. It helps the pocket book to save money by splitting the cost among several tax filers.